How I do my paint work:

    A lot of people have been asking me what I charge for certain levels of painting.  The answer is simple; I don't.  What you see on this site is the level of work your models will get.  I don't do the level painting garbage that a lot of others do, as I see it as degrading to customers by saying that "my time isn't as worthy to your models as it is to someone else's".  If we come to an agreement, and a contract on work, then you can be assured that what you see is what you are going to get.  Does this take a little more time than others?  Sometimes, but unlike a slap and dip that some of my competitors pawn off as 'professional' work, You get my undivided attention on your models that I put into my own.  

    Should you wish to do business with me, and I thank you in advance for your interest, we will write up a simple contract that states time-frames on turn-around, and the agreed price.  I do require a 25% down to cover costs on paint and equipment, with remainder due upon completion.  Now, you may be asking yourself "why do I need to sign a contract?"  Good question.  This assures you the customer, that I am not ripping you off by offing with your stuff, and also on my end to ensure there are no misunderstandings on work time and the finished product (it happens more then you think).  

    So there you have it.  Just tell me what you need, and we can go from there. 

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