Been a bit since I was on here, so ...

Iron Jaws

Masmorra chibi's.  I have done a lot of models, and these by far have been the most challenging and fun I have done. 

Chaos army.  This is the model set from Hero Quest with the Khorne set added to it. 

Marvel superheroes  (...and villain).  These were a real challenge.

First foray into Flames of War. I liked working on these, as they reminded me a lot of ROCO minitanks from when I was a kid.

More Khador out the door.  This time there were a much darker red with a lot of wear n tear.  I had a lot of work on what has been so far the largest job on the table to date.

Had two German armies go out recently.  One domestic, one to the UK.  Had fun painting them. 

Ferrus Manus, Lord of the Iron Tenth. 

Starting work on a new commission; late war Germans.  This is the base Grenadier set.  So far, got the Puma and the STuH done, ATG is half finished, and I have settled on a pattern for the infantry.  

New commission on a model I have always wanted to do; Ferrus Manus of the Iron Hands.

Warhammer Quest and Assassinorium are now finished.  Had a lot of fun with the Warhammer Quest models.

Couple of finished bits; Marvel superheroes and more CryxWarmachine and Bolt action.

Been a while since I've been on here, so for some progression work.  This army was done for a customer that got them real cheap (my kid, so...)  All of the markings for Third Infantry had to be painted, as there was no decals available at the time, but he liked it

Even More Cryx.  I seem to be getting a lot of these.  They're good models, and I like them, but I had no idea how many of them there were.

Been doing more Cryx.  I am really starting to like these, aside from the constant stabbing from the spikes...

So, I got a lot to upload.  Since January, illness, car troubles, children illness and finally the monumental joy of a hard drive crash have up to now left me unable to get on here.  But I'm back!  For starters I have the Romans and the Celts that were finished.  Also was the Cryx and Mercenaries lot for Warmachine for a repeat customer from Indiana (thank you by the way), Hordes Minions, some additional Cygnar, and Circle Orboros models for a repeat customer in Virginia, and finally a unit of Trollbloods for a first time customer (and thank you too).

This year has started off pretty well.  So far, theres a nice sized lot of Warmachine Cryx and Mercenaries, a Roman Legion vs. Celts set, and another Warmachine lot of Cygnar, Circle Orboros, and Minions.  Not too bad.

Got some decent progress on these models.  Some small work here and there, and they will be out the door.

Started working on a Mechanicum job.  It's not an overly large job, but it is something new and one I have never done.  The customer wants the bases done in an industrial ash waste look similar to the surface of a romanticized Mars.  Here's two of the three bases:

Got a Cygnar job done recently.   I had fun with this, though the red threw me a curve to get it right.  As usual though, my camera work was a solid mess.  I really think a new one is in order.

And now that the camera's working, a finished army of Cryx and Mercenary allies (not bad for a six-week timeline):

And for the starting of the Cryx models.  I have finished a lot more than this, but my camera will not cooperate.

And the Orboros models are out the door.  These were such fun models to finish. 

Picked up a couple of contracts that are far and removed from 40K; Hordes and Warmachine.  For the Hordes aspect I am working on a mid-sized force of Circle Orboros models (I am loving these by the way; organic, non-uniform shapes and just a joy to finish).  The Cryx and Mercs for Warmachine offer a different challenge, as I have a mixture of fantasy sci-fi, and steampunk models to work with.  This will be a welcome diversion from World War 2 and Spass-Muhreenz.

Some parting shots of the Blood Angels models (I was really lazy, and I forgot to update the site-sorry)

Made some serious progress on the Blood Angels models.  These are looking at being out the door in a couple of days.  I will say this though about the gunship; second hand molds are not a modeler's friend.  Nearly every part was warped, and requiredd so much more work than I thought it ever would, even being made in resin.  I will post some shots of the finished model here in a couple of days before they are shipped out. 

The Knight is now complete.  I must say I really enjoyed working on this, as it was completely different from other models I have worke on (omething 40K and not all black)

Got another job to do a Knight titan, and also made some significant progress on the tanks for the Blood Angels customer.  I do need to paint over the warning chevrons, but other then that, they are coming along nicely.

New job started.  This one is from California, and consists of four models.  Three of them arrived, the fourth is still somewhere between England and the U.S. hung up in traffic.   All of these will be predominantly red in color, so a welcome departure from black.

So, I haven't had any commissions come in, so I have been working on some of my own stuff.  I have recently gotten into a game called Bolt Action, which is a World War 2 table top strategy game.  Of all the potential possibilities I chose Early War French.  Below is some of the models that I have been working on, or have outright finished;

My work on youtube!!  I'm fay-muss!!

Here is a shot of the entire army.  Please note that I did NOT paint the Falchion Super-Heavy tank in the background.  Everything else though is my handy work.  Plus I got free advertising from the customer on eBay and on Youtube too!!  (see video above!!)

Here is part three of this lot; infantry.  There are 40 Tactical Marines, 5 Terminators, a Commander, Master of the Forge, a Techmarine with three Servitors, and Two Attack Bikes.  All of the non-character Tactical Marines received GW shoulder pads, with the sergeants and character models (where applicable) received ones from the pre-heresy Forge World range.  The terminators got bionics from max-mini, and some putty work on the shoulders.  The first shot is of the models that are primed and assembled.  The second is of the finished models.  Additional close ups of some of the models can be seen in the gallery.

This image shows progress on the start/initial assembly, and then the  mid-way mark of the commission lot that I am currently working on.

Work done on some of the models.  After priming all of them, work was done on all of the models, along with magnets added to the arms for three of the four dreadnoughts.  The venerable did not get them, as the owner wanted the model left 'as-is'.


And, aside from two of the bases that in my haste I forgot to work, done.



 This is part one of the first commission.  Four Razorbacks, all with FW doors, and 2 with Extra armor bits from Forge World.  The first is the primed, the second is the finished product.